Your sauce could be a winner

Our pal Jim Shahin of Smoke Signals at The Washington Post has decided that DC area kitchens are hiding some prize-worthy undiscovered barbeque sauces. He’s convinced that a barbeque-sauce contest will uncover these yummy creations, and he’s got his Post colleagues all primed to taste and judge. That sauce you’re been tinkering with for years — a little more vinegar, a little less tomato, that secret ingredient — may already be a winner! But we’ll never know unless you get the recipe over to Jim by Sunday, May 1.

Jim’s contest is for finishing sauces. You know, like Rocklands Original Barbeque Sauce: What you slather on after the meat, fish or veggies come off the grill. (The Post has a few other contest rules, too, as you’ll see when you click on the link below.)

“Is there a prize,” you ask? You bet! Rocklands is part of the winners’ circle, from third prize all the way up to the blue ribbon. You can win our sauces, a tour of our kitchens with Jim, a visit with the Rocklands pitmaster. The grand prize, though, could really launch your saucy career: In addition to all the Rocklands love, your sauce could be part of the Barbeque Battle on June 25-26 (they have some serious stakes for that competition). Don’t take our word for it, though, check out the contest rules and prizes on Jim’s blog. And get your sauce recipe in pronto!

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