68 sauces to taste

The inaugural Smoke Signals Barbeque Sauce Contest got 68 entries. Wow. That’s a lot of sauce. Jim Shahin might claim it was hardship duty to taste them all, but we’re not buying it: There are so many variations to barbeque sauce in this world that we can’t imagine getting tired of tasting.

The winners of the sauce contest — bronze, silver and gold medals, dripping with sauce — all get Rocklands Original Barbeque Sauce and more in their goody bags. And the first and second prize winners will get a back-scene tour and tasting at Rocklands, Pork Barrel and Hill Country. Jim’s story in the Post gives all the scoop. We’re honored to be part of the winning mix.

Gold-medal winner Zora Margolis rocked the mustard sauce, and we can’t wait to meet her. Congratulations, Zora, and thank you to ALL contestants for making us proud of DC’s barbeque chops!


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