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Our card this year said “for a holiday recipe, go to” Well we’ve got three inspired recipes for you, taking you right through the meal.

First, the glaze for your holiday ham. We love fruit sauces on ham. The tang brings out the sweet in the ham, and the sugar caramelizes with the fatty skin into an especially tasty crunchy crust. And of course mustard and ham are pals from way back. So here’s a recipe that combines apricots and mustard into the tasty Rocklands’ Apricot Mustard Sauce.

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Then, you’ll need a classic side: How does something corny sound to you? Ages ago, Washingtonian Magazine got our recipe for corn pudding out of us. This is not like the “Mrs. Fields Cookies” recipe — this is the real deal. So how about you make your guests even happier with a dishful of corn pudding sidling up to that ham?

And finally, dessert. We fell in love with one of the Washington Post’s latest cookies, a pecan bar that just oozes richness and flavor. These look pretty, too, don’t they? Dressy enough for company. Thanks to the hard-working food section writers and editors at The Washington Post for this recipe for Honey Maple Pecan Bars. The only thing we changed was swapping the amounts of maple syrup and honey.

Happy holiday cooking, all! And remember, if you’re not so into cooking on your own, we’re happy to fill in the gaps. Just stop by your favorite Rocklands to place a pick-up order, or call our catering crew at 703-778-8000 if you want to go whole hog.



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