Zoo Times Two

There’s an old saying, “charity starts at home.” A quick search on Google shows that there are many interpretations of this expression.

Our interpretation is pretty simple: We support those doing good in Rocklands’ communities. We’ve done it since the beginning of Rocklands back in 1990.

One way we do this is by showing up at nearby events supporting the greater good, and either giving Rocklands barbeque away or selling it with a portion of proceeds going to the host charity. Rocklands really starts going out-and-about in May, as people emerge from their winter caves for festivals and fundraisers.

We just had a great two days at Flower Mart, and now a couple of our favorite community events are coming up: Guppy Gala (May 13) and Zoofari (May 19), both to benefit the National Zoo. The National Zoo is one of DC’s treasures — free for all, 163 acres of wonder in the heart of the city. These two events help keep the Zoo financially healthy, which is good news for generations more of both people and animals. We’re proud to be supporting our nation’s zoo — come join us!



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