Winter warmers: Chili and cornbread

This weather’s kind of driving us crazy. One day, spring. The next, winter. Then it’s raining and sixty again.

Flip-flopping aside, it’s still a good time of year for winter warmers (which help with the gray light). Here’s a fave: Chili and cornbread. Right now, Rocklands’ chili is flying out the door. We make it from scratch in our restaurants, sweet and with just a touch of heat. The simplicity of our chili is deliberate: We want you to be able to add the toppings that make you happy, AND zap on your favorite hot sauce if you so choose.

If you ask us for a chili fully loaded, you’ll find cheese and onions and peppers and sour cream on top. (Of course, you can say “nah” to any of those options.) Our house-made cornbread comes snuggled up next to the chili, or you can ask us to put it underneath.

Whichever way you choose it, come get a little chili belly-warmer soon.

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