What do YOU pickle?

You meant to make pickles this year, right? All that coverage of how so many people are putting up their own food, canning and freezing for winter meals. Got you thinking about pickled beets and maybe even pickled okra (if you’re from south of the Mason-Dixon line).

But you didn’t do it, did you?

Rocklands' tasty pickled products

Have you tried the beets yet? Toothpicks up!

We sort of knew pickling would fall off your over-full plate, so here’s what we’ve done: Pickled on your behalf. Rocklands has put up onions, okra, asparagus, garlic, sweet gherkins and green tomatoes. And right about now, we find these jars moving off the shelves faster and faster: Pickles are just such a natural accompaniment to the heartier foods of fall.

Should we start rhyming here, or just pipe down and encourage pickle purchasing for perfect parties?

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