We’re BBB-ing at National Harbor

“Wait, don’t you mean ‘BBQ-ing’?”, you say. Sort of — this weekend is National Harbor’s Beer, Bourbon and Barbeque Festival, so we’re celebrating the three B’s as well as the big Q.

We’ll be serving up Rocklands barbeque at National Harbor on Friday, June 17 and Saturday, June 18. We gather the fancy tickets are all gone, but there are still plenty of plain old “I want good food and drink” tickets left.

(And for those of you who are not interested in traveling so far for your three B’s, let us update you on our bourbon selection in the Arlington Rocklands: 81 bourbons in the house. If you try them all, you’re officially a member of our Bourbon Club and we will salute you appropriately. Just picture this: A bourbon at the bar, followed by some barbeque on the patio . . . now THAT’S a June evening.)


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