Turkey Pull is HERE!

Some of us are wondering how the heck it’s already Thanksgiving again. Others of us are just glad it is time for the TURKEY PULL.

This annual tradition is really fun. What we do: We smoke a couple of turkeys at each restaurant — smoke ’em just like we will for Thanksgiving — and then offer samples. What you do: While we’re slicing you a piece of that tender turkey, you’re picking up the holiday menu and beginning to think about what you want on your Thanksgiving table. You taste the turkey, and consider how nice it would be to have someone else panic about the bird. You ponder our options for appetizers, and other main dishes, and tasty sides. You give thorough and long thought to pie versus other desserts.

Then you order your lunch and enjoy it.

The Turkey Pull starts at 11 am on Thursday, November 3 — exactly three weeks before Thanksgiving. We’ll have birds to taste at every Rocklands location. The smoked turkey goes fast, so stop by for an early lunch to be sure to get a taste. See you there!

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