Top Four Party Appetizers

Funny, we have a WHOLE big list of catering options…appetizers, main dishes, whole barbequed pigs to build a party around. Yet at this time of year, the same four things just fly out the door to parties around DC. We should not be surprised: These dishes are mouthwateringly simple and easy to eat.

What, you might ask, are these paragons of the cocktail hour?

1. Grilled shrimp — we use big ‘uns, and we have good options for dipping.
2. Pigs in a blanket — yup, that’s right.
3. Hitti Pitti dip — you’ll have to call the catering crew to find out what’s in there, but just know that it’s the bowl that always empties first on the buffet.
4. Grilled veggie tartlets — we have to use the grill, of course. It’s what we do.

So, have we got you thinking about your September party? A Labor Day weekend bash? That back-to-school catered dinner that you’ve been putting off planning? Now’s the time to call and talk all the way from appetizers to dessert. Rocklands catering, 703-778-8000.

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