Thanksgiving Menu Highlights

There may be some of you who missed last week’s chance to taste our smoked turkeys. So sorry if that was the case, because they really are something. For those who tasted — and ordered! — imagine how delicious it will be to put a smoky Rocklands turkey in the middle of your Thanksgiving table.IMG_4370 copy

In fact, Rocklands’ holiday menu is packed full of seasonal treats that you and your guests will relish. Yes, we have the fancy stuff, but let us draw your attention to three items on the holiday menu which are pure, simple Rocklands:

  • Deviled Eggs — you know you love these, and every time you serve them SOMEONE says, “oh, deviled eggs, these just take me back.” Isn’t Thanksgiving the perfect time to serve a happy memory? We make these from scratch, and we don’t gussy them up with too many ingredients. Just fresh eggs, hard boiled and then converted into whipped deliciousness.
  • Cornbread Stuffing with Sage — in our house, stuffing is pretty personal. Everyone has their favorite stuffing addition, along with some rules for what goes where and when. We started making stuffing with cornbread a while ago, and it has slowly won convert after convert. The sweetness of the corn, some onions, the aromatic sage — they all work together to create a perfect foil for your holiday main dishes.
  • Double Fudge Cheesecake Brownies — end of the meal, the lights come up, you take a break before dessert. Everyone starts to go for the wedge of pie…but wait, there’s something square there on the dessert platter! A sweet of a different shape and color. How welcome it is to find something small, for the diner who just wants a little something to cap their meal. (And you can cut these into actual bite-sized pieces, too.)

Take a look at the whole menu — you can download the Rocklands holiday menu here — and give us a call to place your order soon.

Don’t wait too long: Thanksgiving orders must be in Monday, November 25, by noon.


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