“Take me out…”

Rocklands TruckYou know the next line, right? (You really don’t want us to sing out loud.) Well, we’re here to tell you that “the ol’ ballgame” just got that much better: Rocklands Truck, serving at the corner of 1st and N SE, just got its beer license. And isn’t this evening just perfect for beer, barbeque and a ballgame?

This is a family-friendly affair . . . a handful of picnic tables, the truck with just the barbeque you need, and a quick walk across the street for the game itself.

If you’re planning a company picnic this summer, we can get even more expansive. Rocklands has a special agreement with Earth Conservation Corps, housed in that cool brick building just down by the river. Call our catering crew if you’d like to talk about a pre-game party on the deck overlooking the water.

The truck takes up its post for every home game. So come early, or stay late, and have some real barbeque with your ballgame.

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