Special Easter menu for you

Easter eggsAh, spring. We’re freezing, but the light is brighter, the days are longer. The daffodils have done so much stopping and starting they must be quietly screaming “enough already!”

Which means it’s time for Rocklands’ Easter menu. We know Easter is a special time for many of our families; let us help you make it a delicious, less-stressful time too. We can prepare your whole meal, or just a fabulous center-of-the-plate whole filet of grilled salmon. We will also be open on Easter Sunday for last-minute sides, or a “what the heck” full-on barbeque Sunday dinner to take home.

Grilled leg of lamb, steamed fresh asparagus and new potatoes with butter and parsley. Sounds like spring, doesn’t it?

You’ll find Rocklands’ Easter menu here.

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