Smoked Turkey the Easy Way

We thought Jim Shahin’s Washington Post story on smoking the Thanksgiving turkey was great. His Bourbon-Brined Smoked Turkey is a good recipe to bookmark, cut out, save however it is you save recipes.

In the recipe and article, Jim talked about bourbon (for the bird) and smoking (for the bird). What he did not talk about was the weather. If you’re here in the Washington area, Thanksgiving — and the two days leading up to it — are supposed to be pretty grim. Gray and rainy, with a chance of gray rain.

Now, we know how reliable DC weathercasting is, but if there’s even a chance of wintery rain, do you really want to be minding the Weber out in the back yard?

If your answer is “no, and not all the bourbon and smoking in the world will get me out there,” then hop on over to our holiday menu. You can order our divinely juicy barbequed turkey, some tasty appetizers or sides, and — of course — pie for dessert. You have until Monday, November 22 at 11 am to declare that you will smoke a turkey yourself  . . . next year.

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