See you at Flower Mart

We’ve been watching all this rain with a careful eye. Will it stop by Friday? Will the wind die down?

Here’s hoping that “yes” is the answer to both those questions, because we can’t wait to barbeque at Flower Mart. We’ve been serving ‘que at the Cathedral for so many years now that we’ve lost count. We pack up the wagon with food, tables and fixings and truck on up there — at which point we are enveloped by the look, feel, sounds and scents of spring.

We’ll be serving at Flower Mart on Friday, 10-6, and Saturday, 10-5.

We usually fly our red flags up high — barring force-ten winds — so you can spot us. It also sort of reminds us of the pennants flying at a castle, which goes right along with the lords and ladies dancing, the singing, the feel of a small festive village in the shadow of those great gray spires.

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