Salad Days

We knew this heat was coming. And we knew the wealth of summer veggies was about to hit, too. With that in mind, a few weeks ago we started playing around with some salad ideas. We were looking for summery, and barbeque-appropriate. (So no truffle oil drizzled over shaved quail eggs — not that there’s anything wrong with that.) We wanted color, and great fresh flavors. And someone really wanted to work the pepper-mill over at least ONE of these.

Two new recipes made it to the final table. (Another one — the quinoa — went back to the kitchen for a little more tweaking. Stay tuned.)

As of this week, every Rocklands is making two summer standout salads: Peppery Beet and Broccoli Loves Bacon. These are bold salads, salads that say “pair me with ribs, I can take it.” The beets and their onion companions are bright fuchsia, crackling with pepper. Broccoli cozies up to bacon, onions and almonds in a garlicky dressing.

Honestly, we’ve tasted these too much at this point. WE think they’re good — but do you? Will you try ’em and let us know?


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