Rocklands Rockville Turns Six on February 9

With so many customers coming from the Potomac/Rockville/Silver Spring area, we HAD to open a location on the Pike. Feels like just yesterday we were wrangling with contractors to get Rocklands Rockville open. But six years have flown by!

To celebrate our sixth anniversary, we’re offering complimentary cornbread triangles in our Rockville location only on Thursday, February  9. Our cornbread is one of our most popular sides, and at this time of year it’s a great addition to a bowl of chili. Come have a birthday lunch or supper with us!

For those of you scratching your heads and saying, “Where IS Rocklands in Rockville?”, we’re easy to find once you know how: on the Pike in Wintergreen Plaza (891A Rockville Pike), right next to Bloom. If you need more than that, check out the map here.

We were thinking of singing the birthday song, but we’ll need some help to hit the high notes. All you sopranos, come on in.

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