Pulling smoked turkey on Nov. 4

We’re pretty proud of our Thanksgiving turkeys — smoky and delicious, perfect for the day of or for a post-T’day sandwich. Our customers have also said that a Rocklands turkey offers a nice change from endlessly basting a bird in the oven.

Rocklands turkeys for Thanksgiving

But why take our word for it? On Thursday, November 4, at 11 am, there will be a smoked turkey tasting at each Rocklands location. These birds, smoked over red oak and hickory wood until the meat practically falls off the bone, will not last long. (There was a bit of a stampede last year, as we recall.)

So come pull a bit of turkey and try it with some Rocklands Original Barbeque Sauce or our homemade Orange-Cranberry Relish. Savor that taste while you pick up a holiday menu to take home (note: you have exactly three weeks from that tasting day to Thanksgiving). And then walk up to the counter and order lunch.

It’ll be a great Thursday.

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