Pig Pull is One Week Away

Those of you who’ve been here before know the drill: One special spring day, you walk into your favorite Rocklands and find a whole barbequed pig displayed on the front table. Crackling skin, melting smoky meat, yummy fixings. Your friendly Rocklands crew member slices you off a chunk or two — complimentary tastes! — and while you wait for your lunch you nibble on your pork-a-tizer.

That day is next Thursday, April 26.

Pig Pull starts at 11 am at each Rocklands, and we’ll slice until there is no more. It’s a little thank you to all of you who come to Rocklands regularly, and a tasty teaser for first-timers. It’s also our subtle way of reminding you that we can barbeque a whole pig for any occasion you throw at us.

So, who are YOU bringing to Rocklands for lunch next Thursday?

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