Party, party, where’s the party?

This time of year, our catering crew is working flat out. They’re dropping lunch at office events, setting up cocktail parties for 75, plotting that perfect wedding with a select handful of lucky brides-to-be. Inmar even carved watermelon boats at the absolutely final second to satisfy a guest’s request for a gathering last week:

Inmar with watermelon boats

And yet, there is still room for us to do more. What’s that, you’ve NEVER used Rocklands as your caterer? Oh heck, we say, call us now! 703.778.8000.

This is a particularly good time to call because our latest menu is hot off the presses. You can download your own copy here, and then you’re ready to call whenever the party hits you.

Or if you’re kind of old-fashioned like we are, you can call right now and tell us your address — we’ll mail you a real, honest-to-goodness printed menu. Tasty.


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