One size fits most

Normally, those of us who are height-advantaged do not believe for one second that “one size fits most.” In this case, though, it’s true.

At this time of year it seems like there are a gazillion reasons to give presents. Graduations, teacher thank-you’s, engagement parties, end-of-school-year acknowledgement that the babysitter went above and beyond in that turtle incident. And there’s always the struggle between a gift — hard to select, could be just more stuff — and a gift card: Impersonal, often to a big-box store so you’re not supporting local businesses.

Enter the Rocklands gift card. Simple, elegant, edible. Supports a local business. Comes with its own holder. Does not gather dust on the mantle. All you have to do is walk into your favorite Rocklands, grab a card, and ask the cashier to put a chunk of money on it. If you’re out of the area, call us at 202-337-1925 and we’ll be happy to load up a card and mail it out to you.

This will eliminate regifting, and there’s a bonus: The recipient might ask you to come along when they spend the card.

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