New Year’s Resolutions, Written

Resolutions can be serious, funny, challenging or slam dunk. Here at Rocklands, we put thought into our annual goals and resolutions: We all sit down at the beginning of the year and think about how we can make Rocklands better, make your experience better, make ourselves better.

Then we write down those resolutions.

That’s because if you write it, you do it. We review where we are quarterly and celebrate progress, whether it’s big jumps or small steps.

We count on you to tell us if we’re on the right track, with food and service and your barbeque experience. We’re looking forward to a GREAT, flavor-filled, fun 2012 with you.

And P.S., if you want some great food/cooking resolutions, check out what our pals at Food52 have resolved for 2012. If you want cool letterpress goods like the photo that goes with this post, check out Lucky Bee Press on Etsy (thanks, Lucky Bee!).

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