Mother’s Day: You Know What She Needs

Mother’s Day hits on Sunday, and you’re pondering what to get that special woman in your life. It’s simple: Your mom (or wife or sister) needs time — time to spend with family, time to work on a special project, time to read a book, time to think. Hmmm, how can you buy her time? It probably is not on sale at Macy’s, or in a small robin’s-egg blue box from you-know-where. Available from an online shopping site with expedited shipping? Nope.

You can buy time at Rocklands.

Order a Feast for Five for Mother’s Day. Come in and pick it up. Feed the whole family a tasty, easy meal — on paper plates. Laugh a lot, particularly at how little Mikey got barbeque sauce in his hair.

Now that’s a gift of time.

Here’s the scoop on the Feast for Five:

  • One rack of baby-back ribs
  • Two half-chickens (yes, it’s a whole chicken, but we wanted you to know it’s in two pieces)
  • One pound of chopped pork (a lot)
  • Our classic potato rolls
  • Three pints of accompaniments, your choice (our spring broccoli slaw is a hit this time of year)
  • ROCKLANDS Original Barbeque Sauce
…all for $61. You can call your favorite Rocklands to order. And if you want to do something different or bigger (particularly if you want someone to come set up and clean up after!), call our catering crew at 703-778-8000.


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