March Madness tastes great!

net shotBasketball fans, the time is now. Get your brackets (we have them printed with a to-go menu on the back at each Rocklands). Get your friends (that we can’t help you with). And get your barbeque.

Our March Madness Barbeque Menu is now available. These are big, delicious spreads you can take home, sized for 16, 8 or 4 people. Each of them includes some of our fabulously sticky, smoky, meaty wings, in case you just MUST have wings for basketball viewing.

Need a more complicated affair? Call our catering crew at 703-778-8000. They can put together a great office party or Final Four bash.

We’ll also be watching the games along with you in your favorite Rocklands. So come pick up and take home, or come sit yourself down to watch here over a nice barbequed dinner and a beer.

JMU and Georgetown, we’re watching you!


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