It’s time for . . . Grills Gone Wild!

Grills gone wild!We all get a little giddy at this time of year. The days are definitely longer, the crocuses are croaking…and the government is sequestering.

To cheer you up, we’re going wild next week, March 4 though March 9. Our grills, smokers, pots . . . all will be adding tasty wild dishes to the regular menu, a little spring craziness to counter the current world.

As John Snedden put it, “So many wild foods traditionally came out of barbeque joints or were cooked over campfires around the country; Grills Gone Wild is our tasty homage to that history. Last year’s Mountain Oysters and Alligator Stew were surprise hits – we’re looking forward to hearing what our fans like best this year.” Fans are encouraged to use the hashtag #grillsgonewild to trade favorites and suggestions for next year.

The full menu is right here:

  • Alligator Brunswick Stew served with Honey Jalapeno Cornbread Triangles (individual $3.99, pint $7.99)
  • Blackened Snakehead Soft Tacos served with Red Beans and Rice ($8.99)
  • Wild Beaver Sausage served with Sauerkraut and Potato Salad ($8.99)
  • Grilled Wild Halibut on Caramelized Onion Rice served with Mango Salsa ($13.99)

UPDATE (March 7) — You all seem to LOVE snakehead! We are running out of the fish, and recent weather has limited fishing for more on the Chesapeake Bay. As supplies run out we are going to offer Blue Catfish, which is number two (after snakehead) on the hit list of invasive species caught wild in the Bay. We’ll serve a “Blackened-Blue Catfish Soft Taco.” Tasty, and each bite helps clear our treasured Chesapeake Bay of this highly invasive species. Come try it and let us know what you think! 

Grills Gone Wild specials will be available at all four Washington-area Rocklands restaurants for one week only, March 4-9, 2013. Plan accordingly!


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