It’s Here: Grills Gone Wild 2012!

363 days* a year, our grillmasters are flipping smoky ribs, rich salmon and tasty marinated veggies over our wood fires. For one week, we give them delicious wild meats and fish to prepare HOWEVER they choose — it’s “Grills Gone Wild,” the 2012 edition!

Remember the muskrat last year? This year we searched far and wide for our unusual ingredients. Alligator — bring in your 10-year-old and tell him he’s having alligator stew for supper. Wild beaver. Wild halibut (meltingly delicious). And — yup — mountain oysters.

The “Grills Gone Wild” menu kicks off on Monday, March 5 and runs through Saturday, March 10. That’s a short time to get in and try each delectable dish — but in our humble opinion it would be worth it. Take a look at the menu below:

  • Alligator Brunswick Stew served with Honey Jalapeño Cornbread — $7.99
  • Wild Beaver Sausages and Greens served with Tzatziki Sauce — $7.99
  • Grilled Wild Halibut with Caramelized Onion Rice served with Mango Salsa — $13.99
  • Beef Fries … a/k/a Mountain Oysters & Fries served with Thai Curried Red Pepper Cream Sauce — $6.99


*If you’re counting, we’re only closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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