International Meat Week 2011 is here!

Last year, we were honored to be included in a . . . well, a plain delicious endeavor. Meat Week, founded several years ago by diehard barbeque fans, challenges the hardy or foolhardy to eat seven days of barbeque, starting on the last Sunday in January. The idea? Celebrate local barbeque, hang out with some other iron-deprived folk, try new places and old favorites. The founders call it the Holiday That Time Forgot.

Last year, the Meat Week DC adventurers came to Rocklands early in the week; this year, Rocklands DC is in the FRIDAY slot. That means that our Glover Park crew will be welcoming the truly devoted, those who relish the nuances in sauces and smoking techniques, those who are still hungry for the good stuff after five nights of barbeque. WE CAN’T WAIT!

And we’re rolling out the red carpet (the meat rug?): In honor of Meat Week 2011, on Friday, February 4, not just Rocklands DC but every Rocklands will be offering The Belly Buster (usually $12.99) for a tasty $9.99. The Belly Buster is two barbequed ribs, sausage, a quarter barbequed smoked chicken and barbequed brisket. Friday, February 4 is our day in the Meat Week sun — come celebrate with us!

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