Inauguration Day: Brunch for All

Barack Obama Hot Sauce by Rocklands BarbequeYes, folks, every four years it happens: We have an Inauguration Day brunch. On January 21, all four Rocklands locations will be open at 10:30*. In addition to our full regular menu, we’ll be offering two brunch specials for hungry fans who want to watch the festivities from a warm and tasty place. The specials — only available that day — are:

The Optimist — barbequed brisket, bacon and egg piled on a roll for $7.99

The Realist — barbequed chopped pork, bacon and egg piled on a roll for $6.99

And to top those deliciously decadent sandwiches, Rocklands has reintroduced Obama Sauce. Created and bottled by Rocklands during President Obama’s initial inauguration, the limited-edition sauce had sold out well in advance of the suspenseful November 2012 election. This fiery chipotle sauce is the perfect topper for eggs, sandwiches, steaks and Congressional bills. Shelves are stocked at each Rocklands, and there are bottles open on the hot-sauce bar for tasting or shaking on your barbeque.

No matter how you view the next four years, barbeque is the answer: Smoky deliciousness that can serve as celebration, or as medicine to soothe the politically wounded. We are open for non-partisan brunch on Inauguration Day!

*Rocklands DC will open at 10 am.

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