Hot summer? Hot sauces!

We are all sweating — yes, sweating — through one darn hot summer this year. And oddly, we’re seeing one solution to the heat at our tables: Guests are putting hot sauce, in some cases LOTS of hot sauce, on their barbeque.

Residents of warmer lands know all about this trick. In India, one drinks hot tea to cool down. Jamaica? Eat hot peppers. Sri Lanka? Make a curry with hot spices.

So this summer we’ve been getting a surprising number of hot-sauce tweets — Tim loved “Slap Ya Mama”, CulinaryScribe fell for “Blair’s Sudden Death.” And we’ve been watching our Wall of Fire attract eyes and hands as people gravitate to the heat. We thought we’d share some of our favorites:

Iguana sauces

Iguana sauces — flavorful, and not too much heat in the red sauce.





Ass-Kicking and Dave's Insanity

Ass-Kicking and Dave’s Insanity — tried and true, good for testing your mettle (or daring a friend).





Uncle Brutha's

Uncle Brutha’s — locally made, locally delicious from our friend Brennan Proctor.





Pain is good

Pain is Good — we particularly like the Jamaican style (with fruity tones) and Louisiana (claiming to be medium hot).




And of course, this is DC: We had to show you a picture of Contempt of Court and Lawyer’s Breath (see header). Don’t you know someone who needs these in their office fridge?

Rocklands’ Wall of Fire has the best hot-sauce selection in the DMV. We have lots of sauces open for you to try, and more for you to buy. See you soon for some cooling hot sauce.


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