“Grills Gone Wild” strikes again, March 7-13 — UPDATE

Remember last year in March, when we thought it would be fun to cook up some wild stuff, let the grill guys run a little crazy for a week? When you first tasted wild boar sausages and said “yum”? Well, we’re doing it again. “Grills Gone Wild” hits all four Rocklands next week, March 7-13.

What is “Grills Gone Wild”? It’s when we find a few unusual things out there to cook up for you, foods you might not have tried before. (It’s also kind of our way of sticking a fork in winter and declaring it DONE.) We’ll still have our regular menu, but in addition next week we’ll have:

Grilled wild Pacific halibut — served with caramelized onion rice and mango salsa
Wild boar sausages — on collard greens with honey mustard
Snapping turtle chili — with honey jalapeno cornbread and sherried sour cream***
Muskrat poppers — served with curried red pepper cream

We’re not quite sure where John is getting all this stuff, so if you’re eager to try something, don’t delay! Once those muskrat poppers are gone, it may be a whole year before you have the chance to eat muskrat again. Seriously.

***This just in: No surprise, the turtle is taking its own sweet time getting here. At the current pace we expect snapping-turtle chili on the menu by Thursday or Friday. Until then, we have a frankly delicious alternative: Venison Half-Smokes with Cheese, “All the Way” with Kraut, Chili and Onions. Yum. Don’t breathe on your boss after lunch.

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