Get your CSA pick-ups here

You know what Community Supported Agriculture is, right? It’s where you — lucky recipient — buy shares in a farm’s harvest AHEAD of time. Then every week you get a box of fruits, veggies and other home grown delights delivered from the farm to somewhere near you. You learn how to prepare all sorts of new foods, the farmer has a bit of protection against the vagaries of the market, and your family eats really well. Win-win-win.

We’ve been buying local produce for years, but it was not until last year that we realized we had something a farmer might really want: Space in the city, a place to distribute CSA boxes. So for the second year, we are offering Rocklands as your friendly neighborhood CSA pick-up place. And our partner, Byron Horn of Harvest Junction, is offering a great four-week trial CSA share for Rocklands fans. You can sign up for the trial today, or just jump right in and get a small, medium or large share for the whole season.

You’ll want to sign up before the canary melons come in. Really, you will.

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