From our kitchen to your table

family supperSeptember – love the soon-to-be cooler weather, not so crazy about the pace. School’s back. Congress is back. Traffic is back.

There continues to be talk — and research — about how important it is to gather the family around the table for supper. Honestly, we think it’s important to sit down and eat together whether “family” is you and your honey, or TPTK (two parents, two kids), or a gathering of your roommates or housemates. The rub comes in getting the meal on the table. It’s like one of those old logic problems: If Jimmy’s soccer practice goes until 6:30, and Annabelle’s piano lesson is 10 miles away, how long does it take (fill in the parent’s name) to get dinner cooked and served?

Which is where supper from Rocklands comes in. We cook what you’d cook if you had time. We chop the onions, peel the apples, mince the garlic, wash the veggies. We spice the meat, season the salmon, herb the chicken. And then we grill and bake and smoke it all until it’s ready for you.

So when you stop in to pick up supper from Rocklands, you’re getting the good stuff. Real food, from our kitchen to your table. We hope to see you soon for a September supper save from your favorite Rocklands.

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