Flamin’ firecrackers, it’s the 4th

Man, it is hot in DC. This sweaty season turns our minds toward sweet tea, hot grills and firecrackers. July 4th is on a Monday this year — a real three-day weekend!

You may have this covered, but in case not: Rocklands has fourth-friendly food. What do people usually get from Rocklands for July 4th? Some of you ask us to do a huge batch of corn pudding; grill up a bunch of salmon sandwiches (so you don’t have to cook fish on YOUR grill); or drop off tons of chopped pork and rolls to pair with your own favorite sides.

We’re happy to do whatever you need — call your favorite Rocklands for stuff off the regular dine-in/take out menu, or call our catering crew if you want something a bit more complicated (like if you want barbeque AND spiffy waiters in bow ties to keep your party running smoothly).

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