Five gift ideas from Rocklands

We could start singing “The Twelve Days of Christmas” right now, but really, that’s not helpful, is it? What you need is a handful of good gift ideas for the barbecue fan in your life. Here are five — some obvious, some not-so:

  1. A Rocklands gift card. We have ’em in every location, and YOU determine what the amount should be. You can go smallish (stocking stuffer, thank-you gift for assistant) or biggish (dinner for eight).
  2. A Rocklands gift bag. These are new and spiffy, a recycled, reusable bag with the Rocklands logo stitched on the side. Fill one with adult beverages and tie a bow on top; or gather some great local foods to fill the bag — like Bergers cookies, Rocklands barbeque sauces and farmers-market jams. Or you can start with our Barbeque Basics starter bag: The cool bag with a great pair of 16″ professional tongs and two Rocklands sauces, for just $24.99.
  3. A four-pack of hot sauces. We have the best selection around, everything from sweet and hot to yowza hot. Spice up someone’s life!
  4. The Feast for Five. Just what it sounds like: A hearty, crowd-pleasing dinner that will take the pressure off the cook in your house. It’s the gift of both fun and time — priceless. Ask at your favorite Rocklands.
  5. And the wild card, just discovered yesterday: Handmade glass bacon-and-egg earrings. They’re at Wake Up Little Suzie in Cleveland Park. Maybe not strictly a barbecue item, but hey, it’s bacon. Put the slice of pork in your left ear, the fried egg on the right, and you are SO ready for the holidays.
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