Father’s Day Feast for Five

fathers-day-messageThink barbeque picnic with the people you love best.

The Feast for Five is just that: A big collection of flavors, with all the sides you could want. We call it “for five,” but honestly you can add Uncle Stephen into the mix too. (We’ve also heard stories of people tormenting the office on Monday by heating leftovers in the microwave.)

The Feast for Five includes:

One Rack of Baby Back Ribs
Two Half Chickens (yes, that’s a whole chicken, we just wanted you to know it’s cut in half already)
One pound Chopped Pork
Potato Rolls
Three pints of Salads or Accompaniments
ROCKLANDS Original Barbeque Sauce
…all for just $68.99

Order your Feast for Five today: Just stop into your favorite Rocklands and tell us you want a Feast on Sunday, June 21.

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