Fall foods at Rocklands

It is tragic, yes, to say farewell to corn salad and other summery foods. You have to, you know. They just don’t taste as good out of season. We can’t get sweet-enough corn to justify continuing to make our star summer salad.

Fear not! The foods of fall — robust, crunchy, tangy and earthy — have bustled in to take the place of summer’s bounty. Our beet salad is back by popular demand (yup, a substantial portion of you really DO like beets). The salad that won your hearts last year, “Bacon Loves Broccoli,” has brought its romance to our restaurants once again. And apple compote — SO good with barbequed pork — is once again at its tart-sweet best as the fall’s apple crop comes in.

It’s autumn-foods time. We hope you’ll fall into your favorite Rocklands soon.

You knew we were going to pun that up, didn’t you?

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