Eat your fish for a good cause

Remember last year we were yammering about helping oyster recovery in the Chesapeake Bay?  Well, we’re doing it again.  We all know how fun the Bay is, and how tasty — oysters, crabs, rockfish and sublime sailing.  But the Bay continues to struggle with water quality and reduced catch, making it tough for the oystermen, crabbers and others who depend on this resource.

So once again we’re asking you to do something delicious to help.

When you order our blue-plate specials the week of October 6-13, a dollar of your purchase goes to restore oysters in the Chesapeake Bay.  Each blue-plate special will be Bay seafood — look for blue catfish, crab cakes, bluefish, grilled softshells, maybe even snakehead — grilled straight up or blackened, sauced to perfection or in a sandwich.  Fresh, fresh, fresh.  A tasty way to help out, yes?

How will you know what YOUR Rocklands is serving that day? Follow us on Twitter, @rocklandsbbq.  We’ll tweet the seafood special for each location every morning.

Restaurants from here to Philadelphia are participating in “From the Bay, For the Bay.”  The total target is to raise $100,000 for oyster recovery.  We’ve set a Rocklands goal of raising $1,000.  That is a LOT of blue-plate specials.

We know you’ll help us get there: Bring your stomach to Rocklands to help the Bay, Saturday October 6 through Saturday October 13.


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