Easter options from Rocklands

Ah, spring. Rain, flooding, pollen. And family holidays, when we get together for big meals, fancy dresses and hats.

While not AS potentially stressful as Thanksgiving, Easter cooking can be tricky. You have activities in the morning — be they church or egg-hunts or both — that can make getting a big family meal on the table a challenge.

We don’t aim to replace your cooking, just augment it. Our spring holiday specials include grilled lamb, beef and salmon, and roasted asparagus. You want the perfect sauce to go with? We can do that too. Let us take some of the work off your plate, so you too can enjoy the spring Sunday morning. Order today, either by calling or stopping into your favorite Rocklands, or calling our catering crew at 703-778-8000.

No cheating on the egg-races, though.


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