Big Pig Prize-Winning Sausage Day is Tuesday, Sept. 13

It started with John buying “Miss Piggy” at the Montgomery County Fair in August. The 257-pound Duroc sow was raised by nine-year old Kyle Burns, an active member of the Montgomery County 4H Club. That pig inspired Big Pig Prize-Winning Sausage Day, our homage to the early harvest and the full harvest moon (which falls on September 12 this year).

What makes this sausage so special, you ask? Well, we used the ENTIRE pig. All the good cuts are in there — like the tenderloin, loin and ham — so this sausage will taste different from other sausages. We’re making these big, too: Half a pound each.

As John said, “we’ve always had a fall celebration featuring 4H prize-winning pigs, just not usually from Montgomery County Fair. We believe in and support local farming – even at the grade-school level! Kyle was tickled that his blue-ribbon pig was going to Rocklands.”

Customers can dress up their sausage at a Schlop Bar of fixings. The one-day only special is $6.99 for a half-pound Big Pig Prize-Winning sausage and fixings on a bun, and $9.99 for the sandwich plus two sides. Even in a 257-pound pig, there are only so many sausages – so don’t wait too long to get yours.

And if you want this cool image (above) on a tee-shirt? Busted Tees can make it for you, pronto. Image courtesy of Snorg Tees.

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