Big Pig Jig is Thursday

Every year, we go to one of the fabulous county fairs around DC to buy a pig.  Not just “a pig,” but a REALLY BIG PIG. Prize-winning, in fact, raised by a 4H participant.  This year was Garrett Murphy’s 279-pound beauty, bought at the auction at the Frederick County Fair.

And now you get to celebrate the big pig, which we have turned into half-pound sausages: Thursday, October 18, is Big Pig Jig Sausage and Harvest Celebration Extravaganza. (You can see why we’re shorthanding it as “Big Pig Jig.”) All day, every Rocklands will be serving these unusual sausages. You’ll be able to dress your sausage at our Schlop Bar of fixings (think onions, pickles, mustards, sauces, toppings).  The whole news release is right here for you to read.

The sausages are unusual because we made ’em using the whole pig, even the fancy parts that usually get kept out for roasts or chops. Come get a Big Pig Jig sausage on Thursday and tell us if you can taste the difference!

Image courtesy of Snorg Tees (which unfortunately no longer seems to make this one…).

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