Planning a party? Start here.

Catering for partiesParties! Love going to ‘em. But do you dread the planning as much as my mother does? We know the feeling. You want the bash – birthday, company party, even a wedding – to be just right.

One thing that can help is knowing what your caterer will ask you. The first four things your caterer will want to know are straightforward. Having answers, however, requires some preliminary thinking and action on your part:

  1. What is the (confirmed) date, time and location of your event?
  2. What is your budget?
  3. How many people (about) do you think will be there?
  4. What style do you envision for this event — fancy dinner, downhome picnic, disco party…? (you get the idea — paint a picture)

We have a one-page super-simple proposal request form that you can download. This is where we begin for every party we cater. It’s not comprehensive: It’s your starting point. Once you have these basics down, you can build or edit as you need. And we make you a promise: With the basics mapped out, you’ll have much happier and more productive conversations with your caterer, whoever that may be.

Plan away, and give us a call when you want to talk details! 703-778-8000.

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