Saucin’ it up in San Fran

Every year, we trek out to the Winter Fancy Food Show. It’s in San Francisco — not exactly a hardship destination for those who like to eat. The show stretches for miles, and it lasts for days. You have to have a strong stomach, a bit of discretion about what you put in your mouth . . . and really good shoes.

We love seeing what’s new. This year, we’re touting our own “new” stuff: a version of Rocklands Original Barbeque Sauce that is free of high-fructose corn syrup, and some new glassware — jars — for our sauces. We brought out a coolerful of chopped pork to sample at the show, so tasters would get the real Rocklands experience. Tough crowd! Buyers at this show are all professionals, picking products for grocery stores and restaurants and the like. And you know what? They really like Rocklands sauces!

Makes every sore toe worth it.

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