Live local, act local

Every year we get literally hundreds of requests to support worthy organizations in greater DMV. This doesn’t happen by accident; from the get-go, Rocklands has made a commitment to building stronger communities around our restaurants. We do that by sponsoring sports teams (from grade school to — ahem — mature athletes), contributing food and our time to make fundraisers successful, and making sure that Rocklands gift certificates boost the income at silent auctions around town. That’s part of being a local company, right?

When we looked at the calendar for October, we realized that this month had us out-and-about at charity events almost as much as May does. We were supporting the Palisades Craft Fair last weekend; next weekend is the Key School Harvest Festival, where we’ll be serving our famous burgers and dogs.

We love being in the communities we share with you all. We look forward to ever-stronger ties of neighborhood, so that we can all feel pride in where we live and work. Thanks.

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