In honor of Veterans Day

Rocklands’ family member Jim Armstrong, an officer with the United States Navy Reserve, has been working at a Navy hospital in Kandahar since July. He is of course an avid fan of Rocklands’ real barbeque. Well, we can’t ship barbequed meat overseas, but when Jim said the food at the mess lacked flavor we thought “hot sauce” – and shipped ‘em some.

Seems that hot sauce is almost unheard of at the various mess halls and the lone bottle of Texas Pete that another doc had received went pretty quickly. Jimmy was glad for reinforcements, as is the commander of the base according to e-mails.

 So courtesy of Rocklands, there is a WALL OF FIRE in the mess tent of the Role 3 Multinational Medical Unit Hospital. You can’t really read the sign, but that’s the warning from Command Master Chief (in charge of the facility) of what will happen to someone who tries to filch a bottle of their favorite. The troops are going through the sauce fast; we’ve just sent a new shipment.

 We salute all who serve and all who have served, and we’re pleased to do our small part to make life in the field a little more like home.

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