Four gift ideas for barbeque fans

Rocklands Malt Salt and Blackening RubOkay, who DOESN’T need gift ideas right now?! And we’ve got a twofer: You can come in to get dinner AND shop, all in one. Okay, here we go:

For the dedicated home cook: Rocklands Spicy Blackening Rub and Malt Salt. These two products, introduced by Rocklands in 2012, capture the spirit of barbeque in a jar. Rocklands’ Malt Salt, a proprietary blend of malt vinegar and kosher salt, adds a tremendous punch of flavor to roasts, braises and sautés. The Blackening Rub, on the hot end, turns baked salmon into a spicy delight. Give the two together as a perfect set of new and unusual flavors.

For the man or woman who loves bourbon: Rocklands Bourbon. A smooth, aromatic distillation, this bourbon’s hints of caramel play perfectly off smoky meats or in seasonal cocktails.

For the people who save your day (the dog-walker, baby-sitter, tutor and neighbor): Rocklands Gift Cards. Load as much or as little as you want on this card, then present it to your friend knowing that they will eat well and happily throughout the gray days of winter and beyond.

For the kid (or adult?) who has the hots for HOT: Rocklands Hot Sauce Four-Pack Sampler. This is one you build yourself. Come into your favorite Rocklands, and ask for the four-pack box. Then peruse our tangy, spicy, mind-blowing selection of hot sauces, picking the four you want to give as a gift.

Spices, hot sauces and gift cards available at all Rocklands locations, priced as marked. Rocklands Bourbon is available at Plain Old Pearson’s in D.C., and in the Virginia ABC store on Lee Highway in Arlington.

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