Congratulations! You’re engaged. Don’t call the caterer quite yet, though. You’ll want to think some things through so your wedding-catering experience is a good one:


One thing that can help is knowing what your caterer will ask you. The first four things your caterer will want to know are straightforward. Having answers, however, requires some preliminary thinking and action on your part:

  1. What is the (confirmed) date, time and location of your event?
  2. What is your budget?
  3. How many people (about) do you think will be there?

And the next question is pretty key, too…


This is worth some time on Pinterest. You may already have pinned some ideas you like — what does it all add up to? Like many caterers, we can work inside or outside, in the country or in the city, simple or fancy. It’s all about your style and the feeling you want your wedding to have. Consider the food that goes with your style. City and fancy? We would talk about filet and grilled salmon. Downhome and outside? You’ll want to consider a selection of slow-cooked barbeque with all the fixins’. Disco party at a bowling alley? Shiny and sparkly? Blue and cool and jazzy? The clearer picture you have, the easier it is for us or any caterer to match you up with the right services and products to produce a smashing affair.


Down to details at Rocklands! Once you have your basics in hand, there are endless possibilities in every menu we prepare. We’ll focus on what’s important to you as we create a customized menu to reflect your tastes and style. Weddings are complex parties, so there are  varying components that make up the catering cost in addition to the food. The totals — food, service staff, equipment rental, non-alcoholic beverages and delivery for most weddings — fall into the following ranges:

  • Cocktail Reception | $70– $90 per guest
  • Buffet with china | $80 — $100 per guest
  • Buffet with disposables | $60 — $90 per guest

Note that we have not included alcohol in these estimates — but of course we’re happy to arrange for and serve beer, wine, full bar, one single specialty custom cocktail or a full tiki lounge with umbrella drinks, should that be what you desire.


We figure it’s always useful to hear from several sides, right? So here are links to guidance on wedding planning from some folks who have experience in this field:

Plan away, and fill out the Rocklands proposal request form when you’re ready. You can also give us a call when you want to talk details: 703-778-8000.


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