Here comes the bride…

Rocklands wedding from Sheaulee Ng, photographer extraordinaireBeing in the catering business for more than 25 years, we’ve learned something: December and January are BIG months for popping the question. Starting early in the new year, our phones start ringing. “Can you help me figure out a menu?” Sure! “Do you roast whole pigs for weddings?” You bet! “What can you do besides barbeque?” Glad you asked!

Rocklands offers full-service catering — yes, soup to nuts. We do fancy and simple, indoors or outdoors. So if you said “YES!” over the holidays, give us a call at 703-778-8000. Or shoot us an email at And for inspiration, you can download Rocklands’ full-service catering menu right here.

Congratulations, all you lovers out there! Now, how can we help?

(If you love this photo, check out more from Sheaulee Ng, photographer extraordinaire.)

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